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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 27 January 2018

[This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 27 January 2018]

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Edited by Fuad Tokad

★ One more rocket fired from Syria's northwestern province of Afrin by suspected militants of the People's Protection Units (YPG) hit Turkey's border province of Kilis on January 27.

  The rocket hit the roof of a five-story building in the neighborhood of 7 Aralik at around 3.00 P.M. in the city center, reports the Anatolia News Agency.

  Two people were injured following the incident.

  Turkey on January 20 launched "Operation Olive Branch" against the YPG in Syria's Afrin and vowed to expand it to the Manbij area of Syria, where YPG troops are located along with U.S. forces.

  The General Staff states that the operation aims to establish security and stability along Turkish borders and the region, as well as to protect Syrians.

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★ Turkey's President Tayyip Erdoğan on January 26 had said Turkish forces would sweep Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) militia from the Syrian border and could push all the way east to the frontier with Iraq, including Manbij, reports the Reuters News agency.

  According to the Hurriyet Daily News, speaking to reporters, Turkey's Foreign Affairs Minister Çavusoglu also said Turkey wanted to see concrete steps by the United States to end its support for the YPG militia.

  "The U.S. must cut ties with the terrorist organization," Mr. Çavusoglu told reporters before a meeting in the Mediterranean province of Antalya.

  Turkey said earlier it had been told by U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster that Washington would not provide the YPG with weapons anymore.

★ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on January 27 that arms were still flowing to Syria under the pretense of fighting jihadists, although there were no Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants left in the country who were in the position to fight " referring to the U.S. support provided for the Syrian Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), reports the Doğan News Agency.

  The U.S.-Turkey relationship is coming under increasing strain as the U.S. has announced that it plans to establish a 30,000-strong border security force in Syria, manned by the YPG militia. Turkey considers the YPG, the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), as an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party -- which has fought an insurgency in southeast Turkey since 1984. The Kurdistan Workers' Party is considered a terrorist group by the European Union, Turkey and the U.S.

  "Although the whole world has seen that the boss of the terrorist organization in Syria is Kandil [referring to the headquarters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party], it is only our ally who is not accepting this. Do not forget that the truth cannot be hidden with denials," Turkey's president Mr. Erdoğan said during the opening ceremony of the Kasimpasa-Hasköy Tunnel in Istanbul, referring to the U.S.' hesitation to affiliate YPG to the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

  "When Turkey is doing its part for its own security and the peace of its brothers, it of course wants to realize this together with its allies. Our country has no specific animosity against any country or any international institution. We are only after securing our own future and liberty," Mr. Erdoğan said.

  "When hundreds, thousands of harassment fires hit our lands with rockets, weapons, and bombs from across our borders, when our citizens lose their lives, get injured, or feel uneasy in mosques, in their houses, in their workplaces, on streets due to these attacks, what do they expect us to do?" Mr. Erdoğan further said.

★ In related news, Turkey has the right to self-defense like all other countries, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has said, as Turkey continues targeting People's Protection Units (YPG) positions in northern Syria, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

  Speaking at a joint news conference with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Madrid on January 25, Stoltenberg said: "Turkey suffered most from terrorist attacks over many years."

  "And Turkey, as all countries, has the right to self-defense," he said.

  Stoltenberg stressed that this needed to be done "in a proportionate and measured way."

  "That is the message I convey every time I discuss this issue with different NATO leaders including the political leadership in Turkey," he added.

★ Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarch Dimitri Bartholomew has lent his support to the Turkish military's "Operation Olive Branch," launched on January 20 to remove People's Protection Units (YPG) militants from Syria's Afrin district.

  In a letter sent to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Bartholomew said the Greek Church was praying for the success of the military operation in Syria.

  "As the tradition of our church, we are always praying for our state, the health of our leaders, and the welfare and happiness of our people. We have not forgotten about the hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced because of conflicts in our neighbors in the south, especially in Syria," his statement said.

  The statement added that the church was praying to God for peace to be restored in Syria with "Operation Olive Branch," reported HDN.

★ Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs will host an international meeting in Istanbul focusing on Jerusalem and its iconic Al-Aqsa Mosque, the authority announced on January 27, reports the Anatolia News Agency.

  The meeting on "Jerusalem: The City Blessed by Revelation" will draw attention to the importance of Jerusalem in the Islamic faith and work to keep alive solidarity with the Palestinian people as well as promote the cause of Al-Aqsa, the Religious Affairs Directorate said in a written statement.

  The meeting on January 29-30 will include representatives from 20 countries.

  Around 70 Muslim scholars and researchers will also take part in the event.



★ The Kepez Municipality in Turkey's southern province of Antalya, will renovate Lyrboton Kome, an ancient settlement in Antalya's Varsak, into an archeological park, DNA.

  Lyrboton-Kome had previously been a big olive oil production center. The work on the ancient settlement, which has been carried out by Akdeniz University and the Antalya Museum, has almost been completed.

  The ancient settlement is located on a hill in Varsak, where the sea, the Bey Mountains and the red-headed forest can be found. The historical city, where the sunrise and sunset can be viewed from, has been built on 4.9 million square feet of land.

  Lyrboton-Kome includes dwellings used during and after the Roman period, a large number of olive oil production shops, a Roman bath, four churches and chapels and a water cistern carved into over 100 big and small main rocks. The world's oldest foundation inscription on olives and olive grove conservation is also in Lyrboton-Kome.

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★ In collaboration with bilimdili, the Erimtan Archaeology and Arts Museum in Ankara have recently organized a workshop on Altaic languages, titled "Linguistic and Historic Origin Problems", Özgen Acar of the HDN reports. Bilimdili is a website that aims to make scientific thought known to the public through its articles.

  The workshop, organized by archeologist Sergen Çirkin, is a first in Turkey since it has brought together scientists of various fields, from archaeology to Sumerology.

  During the event, which covered various topics, Çirkin presented his paper on the latest excavations in Siberia. Archaeology professor Yüzel Şenyurt also shared information on excavations he had taken part in, at the cairns in the Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan.

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★ Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have been announced as the top names at the 25th Istanbul Jazz Festival due to take place between June 26 and July 17 this year, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

  The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts,organizer of the festival, announced the program at a press conference on January 22.

  Australian singer, lyricist, composer, script writer, poet and actor Nick Cave, will take the stage at Istanbul's Küçükçiftlik Park during the festival on July 10.

  Cave last gave a concert in Istanbul in 2001, has inspired countless artists over decades in the business, prioritizing an interdisciplinary approach that also takes in literature and film.

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★ The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, the world's largest before, is located in Turkey's southeastern pr of Gaziantep.

  Nearly 170,000 people visited the museum last year, with an increase of 55 percent compared to the previous year, reports the Anatolia News Agency.

  The Gypsy Girl mosaic, which has become a symbol of Gaziantep since its discovery in the ancient city of Zeugma, has been shown as the main factor for the increase in visitors.

  The museum also displays wall paintings, and fountains, columns and walls have been unearthed during various excavations at the site of the ancient Roman city of Zeugma.

  The ground floor of the museum exhibits a statue of the god of war, Mars, from the first century. The entrance floor exhibits mosaics unearthed in villas on the coast of the Euphrates River.

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★ Eight puppies, which are living inside a hollow 800-year-old plane tree in the northwestern province of Yalova's Çınarcık district, have been adopted by villagers since their mother disappeared a few days ago, reports the Anatolia News Agency.

  The 80-ft-high and 72-ft-wide plane tree is one of the most visited spots by tourists in the region, is and float culture and tourism ministry officially registered as a "monument tree".


★ With a new work initiated by the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the unforgettable films of Turkish movies such as "Chaos Class" and "Malkoçoğlu," as well as music from artists such as Zeki Müren, Müzeyyen Senar and Barış Manço, will be transferred to digital archives to ensure their protection.

  According to information provided by Turkey's ministry, the Digital Document Archive project, launched in 2013, has so far made seven million film and music related documents digital.

  The oldest of these documents pertain to the 1932 film "Wedding Night".

  The ministry has recently taken the second step of establishing a digital sound and visual archive project.

  In this project, not only the documents but also the sounds and visuals of Turkish films and music in VHS, Betamax, CD-DVD formats -- some 65,000 materials stowed in the Directorate General for Copyright archives -- will be transferred to the digital environment.

  In total, 400,000 film and music works are set to be digitized in the course of this ministry project.

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★ The 17th !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival has announced its 2018 line-up. Featuring 111 films from 36 countries, the festival's theme is "To Life!", reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

  The festival will run in Istanbul from Feb. 15 to 25 before heading to Ankara and İzmir between March 1 and 4.

  Chosen by many critics as Film of the Year, "Lady Bird" will premiere in Turkey at the Opening Night of !f Istanbul. "The Disaster Artist" will be the festival's closing night film.

  One of the innovations of the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival this year is !f Fresh, which brings together films from the past year produced in Turkey or films about Turkey. It aims to be a showcase for innovative emerging directors bringing new stories about Turkey.

  !f Istanbul's "!nspired International Competition" section will showcase first or second-time filmmakers who take cinema in new directions.

  !f's "Love & Change Competition" features films with an activist ethos, interested in issues of social change.

  For more detailed information, visit Read more at >> here <<

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★ The Turkish instrumental music band Taksim Trio has performed a concert in the Saudi city of Jeddah, the first by a Turkish band in Saudi Arabia after 35 years, reports the Anatolia News Agency.

  The concert, organized at the recently-established King Abdullah Economic City, was attended by many people.

  Taksim Trio, formed by Hüsnü Şenlendirici, Aytaç Doğan and İsmail Tunçbilek, was on stage for three hours during the open-air concert, performing Turkish music, folk songs and instrumental music.

  Saudi Arabia has recently lifted a 35-year ban on many entertainment events as part of a broad campaign to transform the country after decades of hardline rule.

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★ Nihat Özcan, the Turkish representative of the art of carving pencils, done by a handful of artists in the world, carves world-famous monuments and figures, from the Eiffel Tower to Cappadocia and Modigliani sculptures, on pencil tips, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

  Born in 1987, Özcan is one of the rare pencil carving artists in the world. He carves figures in miniature on the tips of pencils.

  Özcan's newest exhibition "Art at Pen Point" was opened at the Mall of Istanbul on January 19 and can be visited through Feb. 19.

  See a YouTube video on Nihat here Read more at >> here <<

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★ Turkey's Cappadocia region has a new local rival in Eastern Turkey, reports the Anatolia News Agency. Cappadocia is renowned for its surreal topography, with tall conical rocks that Turks call "fairy chimneys".

  An area in the eastern province of Van's Başkale district, which locals call "Vanadoccia" by due to its resemblance to Cappadocia, needs more attention, according to officials.

  Following the success of operations by security forces, the Başkale Municipality now wants the district to receive its share from tourism.

  The rock formations, created by the lava from the volcanic Yiğit Mountain, 33 kilometers away from the city center, are similar to the fairy chimneys in the Cappadocia .

  Besides the rock formations, the area also has 35 caves and 12 rock-carved houses.


★ The countdown to "Cradle" " the world's first Instagram horror television series – has begun, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

  The show, which stars Turkey's Erkan Çelik and Gizem Nur Doğa, is set to be Instagram's first ever horror series, as its 59-second episodes are posted on the social media site.

  Erdoğan Eyrik, who wrote the screenplay for the 10-episode thriller-horror series, directed the show together with Seyithan Kartal. Produced with the cooperation of Avantgarde Yapım and Ahtapot Film Prodüksiyon, Dr. Medya headed the series' post-production.

  In "Cradle," a middle-aged man named Fikret lost his wife a year ago. After falling into a depression, he completely isolates himself from the community and begins to live in a house outside the city.

  Fikret has two claims. His first claim is that he killed two of the three persons responsible for the death of his wife. His second claim is that the souls of these two persons torment him. He feels that the voices he hears and the shadows he sees each night are getting closer, and that his own life is in danger.

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EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in Turkish Liras: 3.75


High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather
Ankara, in central Turkey:        39/28 Mostly Cloudy
Antalya, on the Mediterranean:    66/45 Mostly Sunny
Erzurum, in Eastern Turkey:       30/21 Mostly Cloudy
Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey: 48/37 Partly Cloudy
Izmir, on the Aegean:             55/39 Mostly Sunny
Trabzon, on the Black Sea:        46/41 Mostly Cloudy	
Snow depths at skiing locations:
Erciyes in Kayseri, Central Turkey      : 58 inches
Ilgaz in Kastamonu, North Central Turkey: 39 inches
Kartalkaya in Bolu, Western Turkey      : 59 inches
Palandöken in Erzurum, Eastern Turkey   : 21 inches
Saklıkent in Antalya, Southern Turkey   : 11 inches
Sarıkamış in Kars, Eastern Turkey       : 30 inches
Uludağ in Bursa, Western Turkey         : 51 inches	



Premiere League

* Results for week: 18
Kasımpaşa       -      Alanya Sp       3 - 2
Osmanlı Sp      -      Malatyaspor     0 - 0
Karabük Sp      -      G. Birliği      0 - 2
Fenerbahçe      -      Göztepe         2 - 1
Konya Sp        -      Trabzon Sp      2 - 2
Bursa Sp        -      Başakşehir      0 - 3
Sivas Sp        -      Akhisar Sp      1 - 1
Antalya Sp      -      Beşiktaş        1 - 2
Kayseri Sp      -      G. Saray        1 - 3
* In games played so far this weekend:
G. Birliği      -      Konya Sp        2 - 1
Beşiktaş        -      Kasımpaşa       2 - 1
G. Saray        -      Osmanlı Sp      2 - 0
Göztepe         -      Kayseri Sp      1 - 1
Alanya Sp       -      Bursa Sp        3 - 1
Akhisar Sp      -      Antalya Sp      - - -
Trabzon Sp      -      Fenerbahçe      - - -
Malatyaspor     -      Sivas Sp        - - -
Başakşehir      -      Karabük Sp      - - -
* Standing in the league as of week ending 18
  1 - Başakşehir      39
  2 - G. Saray        38
  3 - Fenerbahçe      36
  4 - Beşiktaş        33
  5 - Trabzon Sp      30
  6 - Kayseri Sp      30
  7 - Göztepe         30
  8 - Sivas Sp        27
  9 - Bursa Sp        25
 10 - Malatyaspor     23
 11 - Kasımpaşa       22
 12 - Akhisar Sp      20
 13 - Alanya Sp       18
 14 - Osmanlı Sp      18
 15 - G. Birliği      17
 16 - Antalya Sp      17
 17 - Konya Sp        16
 18 - Karabük Sp      9

Premiere League

Last week's games
BANVİT          - KARŞIYAKA       84-65
TOFAŞ           - GİRESUN         92-52
SAKARYA         - ESKİŞEHİR       100-89
UŞAK            - TRABZONSPOR     100-71
EFES            - GALATASARAY     76-68

Latest games
UŞAK            - GİRESUN         85-82
BEŞİKTAŞ        - TRABZONSPOR     78-74
SAKARYA         - BÜYÜKÇEKMECE    77-67


1 FENERBAHÇE       28
2 BEŞİKTAŞ         28
3 TOFAŞ            27
4 SAKARYA          26
5 ESKİŞEHİR        26
7 BANVİT           24
8 EFES             24
11 GİRESUN         21
13 UŞAK            20
14 KARŞIYAKA       20
16 GAZİANTEP       18


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