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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 09 June 2018

[This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 09 June 2018]

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Edited by Fuad Tokad
★ Turkey and Algeria have called for an emergency session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) to discuss and vote on a draft resolution on protection of Palestinians.

The session was requested by Turkey as the term president of Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Algeria in the name of Arab Union, a joint statement said on June 8.

The statement was issued following a meeting between UNGA President Miroslav Lajcak and Turkey's envoy to the UN Feridun Sinirlioğlu, along with permanent representatives of Algeria, Bangladesh, Senegal, Egypt and Palestine at the UN.

The date for the emergency meeting will be announced in a few days. It is expected to take place next week, according to diplomatic sources.

Last December, the UN overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on Jerusalem, calling on the United States to withdraw its recognition of the city as Israel's capital, with 128 votes in favor, reports the Hürriyet Daily News.

★ NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has called for "restraint and calm" after Turkey suspended its bilateral migrant readmission deal with Greece in response to a decision by a Greek court to release eight former Turkish military officers who fled the country a day after the July 2016 coup attempt.

Speaking to journalists following the meeting of the North Atlantic Council in the defense Ministers' session in Brussels on June 7, Stoltenberg said he discussed the ongoing feud between the two NATO allies with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Greek government.

In January, the Greek Supreme Court ruled against extraditing the former officers, a move Turkey called "politically motivated."

As tensions between the two NATO allies escalate, the Turkish navy has ordered one frigate, two gunboats and units from the Under Water Attack Team to be on alert in the Aegean Sea to prevent possible "provocative actions" from Greece, reports the Anatolia News Agency on June 7.

★ Erdoğan Demirören, the chairman of the Demirören Group, which owns Demirören Media Group, died on June 8 at the age of 80, his doctors confirmed.

Demirören had been receiving treatment at Istanbul's Florence Nightingale Hospital's intense care unit since May 31.

On June 6, Demirören was elected as the board chairman of Hürriyet Gazetecilik at a general assembly meeting following the takeover of Doğan Media Group by the holding company.

★ The U.S. and Turkey has come to a deal on the Syrian town of Manbij, reports the Associated Press. The town is currently occupied by U.S. forces and the Kurdish People's Protection Units , YPG, after successfully clearing the ISIS.

  The deal came about after Turkey's foreign affairs minister's visit to Washington this week.

  The YPG is aligned with the Turkish rebel Kurds, and Turkey has been objecting to their presence in a town near the Turkish border. A few weeks back Turkish Armed Forces cleared another town further west on the Turkish border of the Kurdish YPG forces after several months of military operations.

  The deal between Turkey and the US involves the Kurdish forces leaving the town.

  Washington's support for the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia in the war against the ISIS has angered Turkey.

  Read more at >> here <<

★ In related news, Turkish armed forces have been stationed 30 kilometers inside of northern Iraq as part of its anti-terror operation in the region, Turkish prime minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım said late June 8.

"We have been deployed in a 300-kilometer area, in 30 kilometers deep in northern Iraq. Next step could be Qandil, Mahmur or Sinjar. We would like to conduct this operation with neighboring countries. We respect the territorial integrity of Syria or Iraq," Yıldırım said during a live interview on private broadcaster NTV.

Turkish airstrikes on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party targets in northern Iraq have been carried out regularly since July 2015, when the Kurdistan Workers' Party resumed its armed campaign.


★ According to Reuters, Turkey has temporarily stopped filling a huge dam on the Tigris River after complaints from neighboring Iraq, which is suffering water shortages, officials said on June 7th.

  Turkey's ambassador to Baghdad and Iraq's water minister also said the two countries had agreed that when Turkey resumes filling the Ilısu dam in July it will still allow sufficient water to flow into Iraq.

  Read more at >> here <<


★ The Scottish rock band Travis was in Turkey for a concert. The concert was sold out weeks before the event.

  The group had a surprise for their Turkish audience: they played a song from late Turkish rock musician Barış Manço.

★ In the 13th World Press Cartoon Competition, Hicabi Demirci of the Turkish daily Sözcü received the third-place in the editorial cartoons section.

  This is the first time a Turkish cartoonist is bringing home an award from the World Press Cartoon Competition. He received the prize on June 2 in Lisbon, Portugal. In his acceptance speech he said that he is receiving the award for a world which is governed by minds that are secular, scientific and free.

★ On June 7, Turkish actor Levent Üzümcü participated in what is dubbed the "Justice Watch" at the Istanbul Justice Palace, reports Can Özçelik of the daily Sözcü. In the Justice Watch people take turn in joining a group to protest the lawsuit against the daily Cumhuriyet writers, administration and lawyers.

  Levent Üzümcü was joined by Barış Yarkadaş, a member of Parliament from the main opposition Republican People's Party, and, Ahmet Şık, a candidate from the Peoples' Democratic Party in the upcoming snap elections.

  The daily Cumhuriyet staff have been charged with supporting terrorist organizations including the supporters of Fethullah Gülen. Fethullah Gülen and his followers are accused of being behind the 2016 failed coup attempt. While in key government positions Fethullah Gülen followers actually jailed a number of daily Cumhuriyet staff. Therefore, most analysts believe that the charges are trumped up to silence the daily Cumhuriyet, which is fiercely critical of the Justice and Development Party administration.

★ Istanbul Chamber of Commerce has prepared a portal titled "Filming in Turkey" to encourage shooting of films in Turkey.

  The portal has been developed in cooperation with Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry and is the first of its kind in the country.

  The ministry is working on a new bill to encourage film production in Turkey by giving a 30% incentive.

  The portal also will have information on the various locations suitable for filming, technological infrastructure, production companies to casting agencies, incentives to permissions for shooting.

  So far 150 locations that are attractive to filming in 17 provinces of Turkey have been identified. Photographs and films of these locations have been made with of the latest technology, and they soon will be uploaded to the portal.

  The head of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Şekib Avdagiç says that if there were promotions done in the past, movies like The Lord of the Rings and Troy could have been shot in Turkey.

  The goal of the team putting together the portal is to complete it by the end of the year.

★ There is a new movie on the life and exploits of Vecihi Hürkuş and friend Captain Mehmet Ali titled "Hürkuş: A Hero in the Skies".

  Renowned veteran Turkish actor Cüneyt Arkın's son Murat Arkın stars as Captain Mehmet Ali in the film.

  Vecihi Hürkuş is a Turkish aviation engineer and aviation pioneer, who fought during World War I and the Turkish war of independence. He designed and manufactured the first airplane in Turkey. He has also founded the first airline company in Turkey in 1954.

★ Speaking of Vecihi Hürkuş, his story was also told in a play on June 8 and 9.

  Written by Mansur Erk'in and directed by Orhan Karataş "Aviator Vecihi Hürkuş" features only one single actor, T. Murat Demirbaş.

  Read more about Vecihi Hürkuş >>here<<

★ Turkey's successful actress Özlem Zeynep Dinsel was chosen as the best actress at the 22nd Yapı Kredi Afife Theater Awards for her role in the play "Yuva I Home".

  The play written in English and Turkish tells the story of four refugees in the US.

★ Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek was in New York for the "Open Roads: New Italian Cinema" Festival. His 12th film Napoli Velata was shown at the Festival.

  Ferzan Özpetek lives and makes films in Italy.

  During the Festival Özpetek participated in a panel discussion, where he was met with enthusiastic viewers and film critics. Among the audience were renowned Italian soccer player Michael Borriello and the owner of the world famous restaurant Antica Pesa, Francesco Panella.

  Özpetek's Napoli Velata is a mystery thriller and noir film. The plot is centered around Adriana, a Naples-based coroner in her forties who falls for a younger man and spends the night with him at her place. Once Adriana meets the mysterious man again, this time on her autopsy table, disturbing events begin to unfold in a Naples full of secrets, filth and wisdom.

  Read more about Napoli Veleta  >>here<<

★ American pop musician Anastacia will be in Turkey on stage for the first time on June 26 in Turkey's southwestern city of Bodrum.

  Anastacia who is 49, is best known for her electric pop music of the early 2000's. Her first two albums were released to major success in 2000 and 2001.

  In 2017, Anastacia released her new studio album Evolution. The artist has more than 40 awards.

★ Turkish pop music singer Nur Yoldaş won an award for her song "Fable" in the US, reports the Turkish daily Sözcü.

  Her son Tunç Devrim Yoldaş is also featured in the song and, he is the person who has arranged the lyrics and the orchestration.

  The first place award to the song was given at the Hollywood Songwriting Contest, in the World Music category

  The song is >> here <<

★ The Turkish pop music singer Simge has a new album out. The album took four years to produce and has 14 songs.

  The album is named "I Sometimes".

  Simge went on a vacation to Rome with her boyfriend to celebrate the new album.

  Hear the title song >> here <<

★ Turkish folk music singer Sabahat Akkiraz had a concert in Sarıyer, Istanbul. Dubbed the "Songs of My Country Sivas Nights", the concert was attended by thousands.

  Ms. Akkiraz was introduced to the stage by the mayor of Sarıyer Şükrü Genç.

  Sabahat Akkiraz is not only a singer but also a one-time member of parliament from the Republican People's party. She was in the Turkish parliament from 2011 two 2015.

   Hear the title song >> here <<

★ Turkish singer, lyricist, author and one-time parliamentarian Zülfü Livaneli was in Russia this week to promote the Russian edition of his book titled "Stories of My Sibling".

  Invited to Russia by the largest publisher in the country, he signed his book at a festival held at the Red Square. Livaneli later traveled to the Tatar capital Kazan. There he visited the Kazan University and attended a conference. He also met the students at the Turkish language school and delivered a lecture there.

  Livaneli also visited St. Petersburg State University.

  In November Livaneli will travel again to Russia to attend the Moscow Book Fair. By that time his book Serenade will be available in Russian for his Russian readers.

★ The Booksellers Days has started in Kadıköy, Istanbul on June 9, reports the daily Sözcü. The event will take place over the next nine days with the participation of 42 booksellers offering rare books, magazines, records, old documents and maps, and books and magazines in Ottoman language, first issues of books with authors' signatures, and many other secondhand books.

  The event will take place in Ali Suavi Street, known also as "Artist's Street", in Kadıköy. Kadıköy municipality and Beyoğlu old booksellers Association has organized the event.

  The Booksellers Days will also feature discussions on literature, history and culture. It will also have three exhibitions:

  "Book Labels since the Times of the Ottomans to Our Days", "Nazım Hikmet is 116 years old: his first-issue books", "Ali Suavi and Young Turks".

★ An unusual painting exhibition dubbed "Speaking Paintings" took place in Istanbul. Painter Ebru Ceylan's works were accompanied by narration of the lives of renowned authors from five different schools of Turkish literature.

  The narration part of the exhibition was undertook by actress Selen Öztürk. Ms. Öztürk engaged renowned actors and voice artists in the narration. Now the narration is made into an album, and it will be sold to raise funds for Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats.

  See the album here >> here <<

★ Istanbul's UNIQ Culture, Arts and Life Center along with the organization "The Other Film" have started an Open-Air Theater Festival. The festival started with the "Shape of Water", which has won four Oscars.

  The Festival will continue through June 29.

  The Other Film organization director Azize Tan says that they have worked for a very long time to come up with the selection of movies for the Festival. The selections are the best of the films of last season, she says. The festivalgoers will watch movies by directors that shape the world film, she adds.

★ The 46th Istanbul Music Festival will have the premiere of the film "On the Road". The film features Turkish pianist Gülsin Onay's interpretations on the piano. It features music of Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt and Ravel with themes of going away and being on the road.

  After the Istanbul Music Festival, the film will head to Turkey's southwestern city of Bodrum for the music festival there.

★ Speaking of Istanbul music Festival, this year's festival will take place in 17 venues with 25 concerts, 19 pre-concert events and workshops. It will host 500 artists. Preparing for the Festival takes 2 to 3 years, Yeşim Gürer Oymak the assistant general director of the IKSV organization that sponsors the event says.

  This year's festival, among others, will feature Italy's renown La Scala Opera House after nine years of absence.

  The theme of this year's festival is "family ties". Music is a magnet that glues the society together, Yeşim Gürer Oymak says. The Festival will feature musicians from the same family that have been tied together with their musical lives.

★ Elif Eroğlu of the violin school of the Çukurova University in Turkey's southern Mediterranean province of Adana won the first place in the Ninth International Premio Crescendo Violin Competition.

  Earlier in the year, Elif also returned with first place prizes from competitions in Germany, Japan and Serbia.

★ The Venice Architecture Biennial invited a design by the architecture students of the Bilgi University of Ankara Turkey.

  The students' design is inspired by the shells of tortoises. It has 129 triangular surfaces and 700 joints. The design is named "Carapace".

  The biennial will take place from May 26 through November 25 this year. It is one of the premier events in the architecture world. The theme of this year's biennial is "Free Space".

  The school of architecture from the Bilgi University is the first academic institution invited to the biennial from Turkey.

★ Turkish American Professor Zehra Meral Özsoyoğlu is the recipient of the 2018 Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Management of Data Contributions Award.

  The Contributions Award is given for significant contributions to the field of database systems through research funding, education, and professional services.

  Zehra Meral Özsoyoğlu is currently Andrew R. Jennings Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio, where she has been a professor of Computer Science since 1980.

  She has also served as department chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department.

  Meral Özsoyoğlu's primary work and research interests are in the areas of query languages and query processing, data models, and index structures in databases, including scientific databases, bioinformatics and medical informatics.


★ Turkey's Culture and Tourism Ministry announced that seven more places have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List. Along with these new entries, Turkey now has 78 places in the list.

  The new seven places are:

  Read more at >> here <<  and >> here <<


★ A 10,000-year-old Neolithic stone seal and a 6000-year-old Bronze Age animal figurine are missing from Turkey's southeastern province of Şanlıurfa Museum.

  The missing artifacts were noticed in an inventory count. The seal was discovered in excavations in 2000 and the animal figurine in 1982.


★ Archaeologist have come across ashes from the Santorini volcano in the Smyrna ancient city within the modern Aegean Turkish city of Izmir. The ashes are estimated to be 3600 years old from the 150-mile away volcano.

  The ancient city is thought to be first settled 5000 years ago and has played an important role in the Aegean culture. Excavations there have been continuing since 2007 and many important information has been gained.

  Artifacts from Greece to Palestine have been unearthed in excavations.

  100 people from Turkish and foreign universities are participating in the excavations.

www.TurkRadio.us www.TurkRadio.us

★ Treasure hunters are destroying the remains of a monastery on Turkey's Northwestern island of Cunda.

  Declared in 2005 as a protected archaeological site, the monastery occupies 15,000 square feet of land.

  The treasure hunters at one point have dug a 20 foot deep hole in the ground. An archaeological researcher says that this endangers the remains of the monastery and also poses danger to the visitors to the site.



★ Turkish premier soccer league is in recess

★ The playoffs are continuing in the Turkish premier Basketball league. The two finalists, Fenerbahçe and Tofaş are having their final games.


★ Turkey's world-champion runner Ramil Guliyev came first in the Paavo Nurmi competitions in Finland in 200-meter race.


★ In the under 23 European Wrestling Championships being held in Istanbul, Turkey's Zeynep Yetgil won a gold medal in the women's 53 kg category. Zeynep says that she is aiming to enter the 2022 Olympics.
Watch Zeynep in the competition below:


[Saat 18:30 and 19:30 'da iki kez okuyun]


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