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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 20 October 2018

[This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 20 October 2018]

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★ By this time that you may have heard that Saudi Arabia finally admitted that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed in Istanbul. Turkish officials say that his remains may have been taking outside, but they are still searching for them.

  Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Turkey earlier to discuss the fate of Khashoggi

★ The leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Turkey will meet in Istanbul on October 27 in Istanbul to discuss the war in Syria and identify and ways of avoiding a humanitarian catastrophe in the countries Idlib region the French presidency said on Friday, reports the Reuters News agency.

★ According to publication Memo Middle East monitor, and Istanbul vending machine is now accepting recycled bottles for metro credit.

  Launched at Istanbul's ITU-Ayazağa metro stop, the municipality plans to install at least 100 more of the reverse vending machines at 25 other locations including at schools and universities in a bid to encourage public to take recycling more seriously.

★ As we have reported to you last week, U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson is free and back in the U.S. from incarceration in Turkey.

  The lawyer for the evangelical pastor said on Wednesday that he has appealed to a Turkish Court against a jail sentence his client received last week for terrorism offenses.

★ According to Bloomberg, scars from the turbulence that has shaken Turkish markets this year should be evident when local companies kick off the earnings season next week. Analyst estimates suggest the reports will just be the start of the bad news.

  Spiraling inflation and growing tensions with the U.S. have battered the Turkish economy. The lira weakened 24 percent against the dollar in the third quarter alone, driving up costs for chief executives who borrow abroad to fund their expansion, while benefiting those focused on overseas sales.

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  Güler taking a photograph of Turkey's president

★ The world lost a giant. Turkish photographer Ara Güler died at the age of 90 on October 17.

  Nicknamed "The Eye of Istanbul" or "The Photographer of Istanbul" he was one of Turkey's few internationally renowned photographers.

  He joined the staff of the newspaper Yeni Istanbul as photojournalist in 1950 while studying economics at the University of Istanbul In 1958, the publisher of the Time–Life magazines opened a branch in Turkey, and Güler became its first correspondent for the Near East. Soon he received commissions from Paris Match, Stern, and The Sunday Times in London.

  His works were exhibited in 1968 in 10 Masters of Color Photography at the New York Museum of Modern Art and at Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany.

  Güler traveled on assignment to Iran, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kenya, New Guinea, Borneo, as well as all parts of Turkey.

  In the 1970s he photographed politicians and artists such as Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Maria Callas, John Berger, Bertrand Russell, Willy Brandt, Alfred Hitchcock, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

  Some critics consider his most renowned photographs to be his melancholic black and white pictures taken mostly with a Leica camera in Istanbul, mainly in the 1950s and 1960s.


★ Tayfun Akgül, a professor at the Istanbul Technical University and his friend Ali Nihat Yazıcı from the same university opened a joint exhibition.

  Dr. Akgül has been drawing cartoons since 1980s with scientific themes. His friend Mr. Yazıcı is a woodcarver. Mr. Yazıcı is also an honorary member of the World Chess Federation.

  The two have collaborated on some of the artwork, making them a combination of cartoon and carved wood.

  The exhibition is dubbed "Woody Works" and will be open until November 4 at Schneidertemple Art Gallery in Istanbul.

  Schneidertemple is a former synagogue from late 1800s that is now functioning as an art gallery and a concert venue. When it became vacant due to loss of congregation, it was converted to an art space.


★ The Istanbul State Theater started the season with Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew"

  The play will be staged throughout the 2018-2019 season.


★ Istanbul's Boğaziçi University started the classical music concerts of the season on October 17 with the performance of Russian violin virtuoso Sasha Rozhdestvensky and his Swiss wife Josiane Marfurt, who is a composer and a pianist.

  The duo performed sonatas from Mozart, Grieg and Saint-Saens, and British composer Ian Venables' composition for Sasha.

  Boğaziçi's concerts have been taken place for the past 22 years

★ A Turkish bath dating back to the 1700s which has been used lately as a cold storage depot, has been renovated and turned into an art center.

  The new arts venue is being called "Bath Arts Hub", and the Turkish abbreviation "HAH" is being promoted.

  An exhibition titled "Water School" is currently on at the HAH. The exhibition is part of Fourth Istanbul Design Biennial and will be on until November 4.

  HAH is located in Istanbul's Kuruçeşme district located on the shores of the Bosporus.


★ Turkish artist Güneş Çınar's new exhibition has started in the basement of Adahan Istanbul Hotel in Istanbul.

  Titled "Anything Else Other than the Clouds" the exhibition questions the effects of modern city life on the living.

  The title of the exhibition comes from the German critique, art historian and theoretician Walter Benjamin's article titled "The Storyteller". The full sentence in the article is as follows: "a generation, which once went to school with horse drawn tramways, found themselves under the naked sky on a land that had everything changed except the clouds".

  The artist's works covers paper works to sculptures, paintings to installations, and will be on through October 31.

★ The 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival will be taking place this year between November 1 and 11 in Greece.

  Two Turkish films will be participating in the festival:

  In the joint production forum Crossroads, "Everything in its Right Place" will compete for the EU14,000-prize. The director is Berrak Çolak, and the producer is Engin Palabıyık.

  In another competition titled Agora Works in Progress, Turkey's "The Candidate" will compete for a total EU130,000. The director of the film is Ercan Kesal and the producers are Kerem Çatay, Yamaç Okur, Suzan Güverte.


★ Turkish director Emre Yeksan's full length film "Nest" will be shown in the 34th Warsaw Film Festival.

  The film tells the story of a man who has chosen to live in the forest alone.

  The Biennale College - Cinema chose the film as one of the three films to finance during the 2017/18.

  Biennale College is the project of La Biennale di Venezia dedicated to the formation of young people in the artistic field and in the activities of the organizational structure of the Biennale.

★ A series of classical music concerts dubbed "Tekfen Filar-Mini" is taking place on October 20 and 21 for the children in Istanbul's Lütfi Kırdar Auditorium.

  The Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra will be led by Aziz Shokhakimov. The music will be accompanied by dance, narrative and puppet shows. The orchestra will perform works by Vivaldi, Brahms, Bizet, Chaykovski, Strauss, and Bernstein.

  Outside the concert hall, there will be stands for various activities.

  The concerts are for children 5 to 10 years old and their parents.


★ The medieval city of Hasankeyf in southeastern Turkey is being inundated by the waters of a new dam.

  Turkish authorities are moving historical objects and buildings to higher ground in the vicinity. The latest of these is the middle gate of the Hasankeyf fort.

  The gate was divided into three pieces for the move. The first piece weighs around 137 tons. The pieces are being moved with a vehicle that has 96 wheels.


★ There is labor unrest in the construction of the third airport in Istanbul. The Platform for Solidarity with the Third Airport Workers has staged a play for the workers on October 17.

  Titled "Three Monkeys who Look After Nothing in the Construction Site of the Country", the play criticizes and pokes fun at "Murders at Work", and then the boss-supervisor-prosecutor-judge chain that cover up the deaths of the workers.

  The play emphasizes that every dead worker is not a piece of statistics but a human being with people who loved him, and with goals in life. It calls the bosses vampires who deal only with the calculation of the cost of construction and, without a flinch, initiating destruction.

  After the play a spokesperson for the platform cited the demands of the workers at the third airport. She said that the event was undertaken in solidarity with the workers arrested.

  Afterwards, a member of the trade union read the messages sent by the jailed leaders of the union.

  The event ended with the thanking of a mother of an arrested worker.


★ Karşıyaka Municipality Chamber Orchestra started its 2018-2019 season with a concert by the internationally renowned Turkish pianist İdil Biret.

  The performance was dedicated to the memory of unforgettable conductor Hikmet Şimşek who passed away in 2001.

  The conductor Rengim Gökmen lead the orchestra. The hall was completely full and those who could not enter the hall watched the performance outside on large screens.

  After the concert mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar spoke and said "you cannot take the economy to a level ground if there is no arts and no education." After the mayor's speech, pianist Biret thanked the mayor and said that rest of Turkey should take as an example the efforts of the municipality of Karşıyaka.

  Karşıyaka is a town in Turkey's Aegean Province of Izmir.


★ Renowned Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet's son Mehmet Hikmet Ran died in Paris at the age of 67.

     Mehmet Ran lived in Paris since 1960s and was a painter.


★ The Fifth Bozcaada International Ecology Documentary Festival distributed its awards with a ceremony. The organizers said that the awards went two "courageous people".

  260 films from 56 countries applied to the competition. The grand prize went to the Spanish production "Astral" of Jordi Evole and Ramon Lara.

  The Gaia Student Prize went to the Brazilian director Lucas Bonetti's film "The Fishermen Without Seas".

  Bozcaada is a Turkish island in the Aegean Sea.

★ The third Bosnia Sanjak culture days is taking place between October 13 and 28 in Istanbul. As part of the culture days, many events will take place throughout several Istanbul venues.

  The culture days are organized by the Academic Foundation for Culture and Arts of Bosnia Sanjak in cooperation with two other Bosnian associations from around Istanbul.


★ 11 Turkish cartoonists calling themselves the Generation of '73 are having a joint exhibition that will continue until November 1 at the Cartoon Workshop.

  The exhibition is getting intense attention and it is the third one this year at the Cartoon Workshop.

  The Cartoon Workshop is an Istanbul organization and a venue for cartoonists.

★ The Berklee College of Music's Silent Film Orchestra will be performing at Istanbul's Zorlu PSM on October 25.

  Successful Turkish artist Eren Başbuğ will be leading the orchestra in the performance of "Phantom of the Opera".

  On October 27 Eren Başbuğ will accompany Sheldon Mirowitz, who is the head of the film music composition section at the Berklee College, in two seminars.

  Eren Başbuğ himself is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, located in Boston Massachusetts.


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