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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 06 July 2019

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★ Turkey has blocked a total of 245,825 websites and domains between 2014-2018, according to

  A number of news sites remain inaccessible in Turkey, which is ranked among the countries with the highest number of content removal requests sent to Twitter and Facebook,

  In related news, in May 2019, the Wikimedia Foundation filed a petition to the European Court of Human Rights, stating that a Turkish ban on its site was "a violation of the right to freedom of expression".

★ The Libyan rebels led by Khalifa Hifter said last Friday that Turkish vessels and interests are "legitimate targets" in its battle to seize the capital of Tripoli, after it accused Turkey of helping rival militias allied with the U.N.-supported government.

  A few days later Hifter's forces captured six Turks, and Turkey threatened to attack Hifter targets. When Turkish officials said they will attack Hifter targets, they released the Turks.

  On Sunday June 30th, news agencies claimed that Hifter's forces shut down a Turkish drone over Libya.

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Current and proposed borders of the Batman province

★ A petition campaign calling supporters to change the borders of the southeastern Turkish province Batman to resemble the logo of the fictional superhero carrying the same name has gained more than 25,000 signatures as of Tuesday.

  Batman, located alongside the Tigris river, made headlines in 2008 when it unsuccessfully demanded copyrights for Hollywood's Batman movies.

★ On July 1, The Economist Magazine carried an article titled "In Turkey, demography is a brake on Islamization -- Why the government's effort to create a more devout society has failed"

  Turkey's president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, makes no secret of his desire to raise what he calls a "pious generation". Since his Justice and Development party became Turkey's dominant force in 2002, elevating Islam's public role in this constitutionally secular republic has been more than a slogan; it has found expression in many government policies.

  Many religious schools opened and the number of students attending them increased by five folds. The budget of the Directorate of Religious Affairs increased dramatically and is now more than the budgets of some ministries. The government started helping the religious movements and brotherhoods, making them stronger and wealthier.

  But according to a survey Turks are no more religious. In fact in some respect, the survey found them to be less religious.

  The religious schools operate only at 50% capacity. Graduates of the schools are also 50% less successful in enrolling in colleges. Thus, parents usually choose regular schools.

  One reason for Turks being less religious is the migration from rural conservative areas to urban areas which tend to be more liberal. In the past 20 years the number of people living in urban areas increased to 75% from 65%.

  Many religious organizations and brotherhoods also lost respect due to involvement in political intrigues and even in a coup. Young people also now want to redefine Islam for themselves, don't want to blindly follow their conservative parents, or religious orders and brotherhoods.

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★ According to Reuters, with a presidential decree Turkey's central bank governor Murat Çetinkaya was fired on Saturday. Banks deputy governor replaced him.

  Çetinkaya was serving since April 2016.

  Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, contrary to expert opinion, thinks that higher inflation rates are caused by higher interest rates and have been putting pressure on the central government to cut rates. Mr. Çetinkaya was not heeding Mr. Erdoğan's request to cut rates.

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★ According to Deutsche Welle, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is in Beijing on Tuesday to meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, as the two countries seek to build on budding economic and political ties at a time both are experiencing a low point in their relations with the United States.

  Deutsche Welle adds: Turkey is increasingly estranged from the United States and Western allies over differences on Syria, Turkey's planned purchase of Russia's S-400 missile system and democratic backsliding following the failed coup attempt in June 2016.

  The fallout has fueled speculation by some observers that NATO member Turkey may be rebalancing its strategic relations away from the West to the East -- not least because Erdoğan has suggested Turkey could join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional security body composed of China, Russia and four Central Asian nations.

  Meanwhile, the ongoing US-China trade dispute coincides with the world's two largest economies being locked in a geopolitical power struggle to define the future world order.

  However, Erdoğan's eighth meeting with Xi since 2012 is more about economics and diversifying relations, not part of a strategic shift to the East, experts said.

  "Turkey's relations with China cannot replace its alliance with the United States or relations with the European Union," said Altay Atlı, a lecturer at Koç University in Istanbul who specializes in Turkish-Asian relations. "Turkey has very deep and mutually beneficial relations with the West."

  He added that Turkey's foreign policy aims to make Turkey an international actor capable of expanding relations with all countries, unlike during the Cold War when it was tied to the Western bloc.

  China-Turkey bilateral trade reached $23 billion in 2018, according to the Turkish Statistics Office, making China Turkey's third largest trading partner.

  The trade relationship is marked by a massive $18 billion imbalance in China's favor, something that Turkey is seeking to address by expanding exports and attracting Chinese investment at a time its economy is struggling.

  Erdoğan, who in 2009 accused Beijing of committing "a kind of genocide" against the Uyghurs, has remained relatively mute in recent years as China has rounded up an estimated one million people from the Turkic, mostly Muslim ethnic group in western Xinjiang province.

  The plight of their ethnic Turkic cousins has long stirred passions among religious-nationalist circles and the Uyghur diaspora in Turkey.

  Turkish officials in February described as a "shame for humanity" the "systematic assimilation policy" against the Uighur. Since then, Turkey has been relatively mute.


★ The international Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival will start Friday, July 12 this year. This is the 16th year of the festival.

  Gümüşlük is a town in southwestern Turkey on the Aegean coast.

  The Festival will continue until September 6. In addition to musicians from Turkey, Dutch, Taiwanese, German, Italian, Israeli Norwegian, Irish, Spanish and northern Cyprus artists will participate.

  The Festival will start with Turkey's state artist pianist Gülsin Onay.

  The main venue for the festival will be the 2500 year old stone quarry.

★ Pierre de Tchihatchef, known for geographical and geological expeditions to the Altay mountains in Siberia, and to countries around the Mediterranean and central Europe, has a work titled "Istanbul and the Bosporus".

  Turkey's İş bank's Cultural Publications has re-published the work.


★ Istanbul's American Hospital's art gallery called "Operations Room" has a new exhibition that will continue through July 27.

  The name of the exhibition is titled "From Meat and Bone". The exhibition features the works of artists depicting "wellness-illness, life-death related works on the human body" the curator of the exhibition Kevser Güler says.

★ Metropole Istanbul, a new venue for performing arts and art workshops, opened by DasDas in December, have hosted 400,000 people so far.

  The number of events at the venue added up to 300.

★ A new recording in which 11 Turkish rap artists tell their stories is out.

  For the recording, the digital music platform Fizy, Onedio Sony Music Turkey and base mode records collaborated.

  Titled "The Point I Reached" the recording features the following artists:

  Allame, Ados, Ayben, Khontkar, Tankurt Manas, Baneva, Da Poet, Kayra, Kezzo, Kamufle, Hayki

★ The "Thracian Fest" that aims to achieve to be "the Festival that brings together all colors" will take place this year from July 18-21.

  Thrace is the name given European part of Turkey.

  The Festival will feature bands and artists Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz, Aslı Gökyokuş, Büyük Ev Ablukada, Can Bonomo, Cihan Mürtezaoğlu, Dolu Kadehi Ters Tut, Ezhel, Gaye Su Akyol, Melek Mosso, Mor ve Ötesi, Nova Norda, Yüksek Sadakat. The venue for the festival will be Uzunkum.

★ As part of the Istanbul Jazz Festival, for the past four years a special event for the children aged 5 to 12 has taken place. This year the same event will take place on Saturday, July 13.

  Dubbed "A Childish Day", the event will be at Feriye and will feature concerts, workshops and performances.


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