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x0x Turkish News for the week ending 25 December 2021

[This is a transcript of the news broadcast on 25 December 2021]

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President Erdo─čan with Jewish leaders

★ Turkey sees anti-Semitism as a crime against humanity, as much a crime as Islamophobia, Turkey's president Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Wednesday.

  Mr. Erdoğan was meeting with the representatives of the Jewish community in Turkey and rabbis from Islamic countries.

  Among the countries represented were the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Albania, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, and Russia.

  Touching on Turkish-Israeli ties, Erdoğan said that despite the differences of opinion on Palestine, "relations with Israel in the fields of economy, trade, and tourism are progressing."

  The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reporter David Klein also covered the event. Klein reported that the rabbis were in Turkey at Istanbul's Conrad Hotel for the inaugural conference of the Alliance of Rabbis in the Islamic states.

  Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan then sent a private jet for the rabbis to come to the Turkish capital Ankara to have dinner with them at his presidential palace.

  David Klein concluded his article by writing the following:

  "Though the country was once a strong ally of Israel, Turkish-Israeli relations have soured under Mr. Erdoğan's nearly 20-year rule."

  Anatolia news agency article >> here <<

  David Klein article >> here <<

★ An aide to former ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was sentenced to prison in Turkey, Deutsche Welle's Turkish service reported on December 22.

  A Turkish court handed Ahmed Süleyman İbni Muhammed eight years and four months in prison after reduction for regret.

★ Turkish police on December 22 said it arrested a U. S. diplomat in Turkey last month for selling his passport to a Syrian trying to travel to Germany. However, the U. S. State Department denied that the person in custody was a diplomat.

  Istanbul police identified the person as someone working at the U. S. Embassy in Beirut.

★ According to Reuters, U. S. authorities have taken issue with Turkey over its sales of armed drones to Ethiopia. Two sources familiar with the matter said there was mounting evidence the government had used the weapons against rebel fighters.

  The year-long war between Ethiopia's government and the leadership of the northern Tigray region, among Africa's bloodiest conflicts, has killed thousands of civilians and displaced millions.

★ On December 22, Turkey's domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine, Turkovac, has received emergency use authorization by Turkish authorities and will be available for use from next weekend, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said.

★ Turkey and Qatar agreed to operate the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan together, diplomatic sources told Anatolia News Agency on December 23.

  Flights were suspended at Afghanistan's main international airport in Kabul after the Taliban took over power in August and U. S. troops destroyed equipment and a radar system at the facility before leaving the country.

★ The American Turkish Association announced that the Turkish association in North California would start having classes for people with diabetes.

  Dilip Barman, Certified PCRM Food-for-Life instructor, will be giving the classes at the Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center in Chapel Hill.

  The six-week classes will start on January 14. They will include discussion, nutrition lessons, food, and many good reference handouts.

  The Sancar Turkish Cultural and Community Center is named after Dr. Aziz Sancar and his wife. Dr. Aziz Sancar is the 2015 Nobel laureate in Chemistry.

  Innovative Design, an eco-friendly commercial building architectural firm, designed the center.

  The use of solar panels and geothermal heating minimizes its energy consumption. Turkish businesses donated marbles, ceramic, woodwork, vanities, handmade tiles, and much of the furnishings for the building.


★ Turkish lira started the week by nosediving and one U. S. dollar, reaching 18.4 Turkish liras on Monday around 4:30 PM. However, a few hours later, President Erdoğan announced new guarantees to people with savings at banks in Turkish currency.

  Turkish currency immediately gained against the dollar. One U.S. dollar dropped below 12 Turkish liras. On Saturday, the dollar was trading around 10.5 Turkish liras.

  On December 24, Reuters had an article titled "Turkish lira caps historic week with a big lift from Erdoğan government." It says that government interventions also help the lift but cost $8 billion.

  After the intervention and guarantees, Mr. Erdoğan claimed that lira deposits increased by 23.8 billion. However, Turkish banking watchdog data showed hard-currency deposits held steady at $164 billion.

  Read more >> here <<

★ In an article in the Washington Post, Aslı Aydıntaşbaş that said the thing that is wrong with Turkey's economy is "Erdoganomics."

  She described it as follows:
  Under the new discipline, as the currency depreciates and citizens flock to convert their savings into dollars, the resulting market volatility can be managed by public threats against the business community, declaring a "war of independence" against foreign enemies and, God willing, a bump in exports.

  Asli Aydıntaşbaş is a senior policy fellow with the Wider Europe program at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Her topics of focus include Turkish foreign policy and the external ramifications of its domestic politics.

  Read more >> here <<

★ Russian President Putin has praised the policies of the Bank of Russia to tackle inflation. "I know that the real sector is unhappy with the rate hikes," Putin said at his annual year-end press conference on December 23. "But if it not done, we could end up like Turkey, with the same problem."

Turks lining up to buy subsidize bread

★ Turkish president Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his followers are very happy about the increase in value of the Turkish lira against the dollar. However, the Turkish daily Birgün writes that their happiness is not warranted.

  The daily writes that the loss in value of the Turkish lira is still there, and it is due to Mr. Erdoğan's policies. It also points out that over two decades of Justice and Development Party administration rule made Turkish people poorer.

★ According to the Anatolia News Agency, the Turkish government fined the crypto asset trading platform Binance approximately $750,000 after an investigation by the Financial Crimes Investigation Board.


Edited by Büşra Ekmekçi and Selin Aydınlı


★ Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters are staging 17 plays for the audience in December. This week works by such internationally famous authors as Herman Melville, Eleanor H Porter, Shakespeare, Albert Camus, and works by young writers meet the audience.

  This week, Shakespeare's comedy "Twelfth night," Albert Camus' "Plague," and 15 other plays were on the stage.


★ On December 20, Istanbul's Borusan Quartet had a concert for music lovers titled "The Colors of the Storm Age." The event let the audience watch a 19th-century landscape with its colors and emotions.

  Borusan Quartet is a cultural entity of Turkey's pipeline and pipe manufacturing company Borusan holding.

  The concert took place in Kadıköy city's Süreyya Opera house. Giacomo Puccini's Crisantemi, Fanny Mendelssohn's impressive E Flat Major Quartet, and Johannes Brahms's Opus 51, C minor String Quartet met the audience with a masterful interpretation of the Borusan Quartet.

  A pre-concert talk took place between 7 P.M.and 7:30 P.M.

  Music lovers can also listen to all the concerts live on Borusan Sanat's online radio Borusan Klasik.

  In addition, one can access the rest of the pleasant conversations of Aydın Büke and Serhan Bali from Borusan Klasik again from 7:40 P.M.

  Borusan Quartet is a cultural entity of Turkey's pipeline and pipe manufacturing company Borusan holding.


★ Akbank Sanat's Philosophy Seminars, organized with the participation of academic speakers, are continuing.

  The new phase of the seminars is titled "What Does Thinking Achieve?"

  In December, the seminars continued with Burak Şaman's event titled "To Think of Things that do not exist: Aristotle and İbn-i Sina." The West knows Ibn-i Sina as Avicenna.

  The seminar series, which one can watch free of charge on the Akbank Sanat YouTube channel, will continue until May 2022.

  The upcoming seminar schedule is as follows:
  Akbank Sanat is the cultural arm of Turkey's finance and banking company Akbank.


★ Rahmi M Koç Museum in Istanbul features objects industrialization created.

  The museum currently is displaying Singer sewing machines to commemorate the 170th anniversary of the company.

  In addition to sewing machines, the exhibition includes other objects Singer has produced. Among them are radios, scissors, spoons, clocks bearing the company's name.

  The museum borrowed the objects from private collectors throughout Turkey and abroad.

  Turkish businessman and industrialist Rahmi Koç established the museum that bears his name in 1994.

  The exhibition will be on through February 16, 2022.


★ Limak Philharmony just had two concerts to celebrate the coming of the new year.

  One of the concerts took place in the Turkish capital Ankara at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra Hall on December 21. The other was on December 24 in Istanbul's Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Palace.

  Tenor Murat Karahan, a founder of the orchestra, hosted the concerts. Italian soprano Anna Pirozzi took to the stage first. Italian conductor Francesco Ivan Ciampa directed the orchestra.

  The orchestra performed mainly works by Italian composers.

  Turkey's Limak Holding has established the orchestra. The holding is in the construction, energy, cement, and tourism sectors.


★ OPET has carried its exhibition titled "It Goes When You Share!" To a 3-D online platform. It is part of the Respect to History Project of OPET that started 15 years ago.

  In the exhibition, the following works of OPET's will be present:

  - Renovation in the Çıplak Köy ("Naked Village") story as part of the 2018 Year of Troy activities.

  - Cultural heritage of Çanakkale: From Gallipoli to Troy

  Opera and theater artist Cihan Ayhan narrates the online exhibitions.

  Click the following for the URL to the >> exhibition <<

  OPET is a petroleum products distribution company and gas station operator in Turkey,


★ Istanbul's Bilgi University is hosting an exhibition titled "Other Stories," which will tell the stories of migrants.

  Fifty artists from Turkey and abroad will participate in the exhibition.

  Migration Research Association, Support to Life Association, the Center for Asylum and Migration Research, Solidarity with Refugees and Migrants Association, and BILGI European Union Institute support the exhibition.

  The exhibition will be on until February 7, 2022.

EXCHANGE RATE for the U.S. dollar in New Turkish Liras: 10.65


High and Low Temperatures in Degrees F, Weather
Ankara, in central Turkey        : 43/28 Mostly Cloudy
Antalya, on the Mediterranean    : 63/46 Showers
Erzurum, in Eastern Turkey       : 32/16 Partly Cloudy
Istanbul, in northwestern Turkey : 57/48 Partly Cloudy
Izmir, on the Aegean             : 61/50 Showers
Trabzon, on the Black Sea        : 55/45 Partly Cloudy


Edited by Ertuğrul Korkmaz


* Standing in the premiere league as of week ending 18
 1 - Trabzon         45
 2 - Konya           36
 3 - Başakşehir      32
 4 - Fenerbahçe      29
 5 - Adana           29
 6 - Hatay           29
 7 - Beşiktaş        28
 8 - Alanya          27
 9 - Sivas           26
10 - K.gümrük        26
11 - G. Antep        25
12 - G. Saray        24
13 - Giresun         22
14 - Antalya         22
15 - Kayseri         21
16 - Altay           18
17 - Rize            17
18 - Malatya         15
19 - Göztepe         14
20 - Kasımpaşa       12
★ Euroleague basketball championships

★ In the 17th week Turkish teams got the following results:

  - French Asvel team beat Turkey's Fenerbahçe 84 - 82

  - Turkey's Anadolu Efes beat Serbia's Red Star 84-83


★ We just found out about this older news dated December 11:

  In the European Club Championships Champions League 2021, Turkey's Galatasaray women's judo team beat French RSC Champigny 5-0 in the finals and became the European champion.

The championships took place in Paris, France.


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