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x0x Turkish News for the week ending xxx October 2022

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★ According to the Associated Press, thousands of people attended a rally in Istanbul last weekend in the biggest anti-LGBTQ in Turkey.

  Associated Press added that there was no police interference in the rally. In contrast, LGBTQ cannot publicly meet since 2015. The conservative Justice and Development Party administration says it is because of security and morality concerns.

  Associated Press added that there was no police interference in the rally. In contrast, LGBTQ cannot publicly meet since 2015. The conservative Justice and Development Party administration says it is because of security and morality concerns.

  On Saturday, the daily Duvar reported that Derya Yanık, the Family and Social Services minister of the Justice and Development Party, condemned the anti-LGBTQ march. She said, "hate speech is unacceptable because you hinder the right to life." She added that the [constitution] tasked the government with protecting the fundamental human rights of all its citizens.

  Yet she said that the ruling Justice and Development Party "has values and does not have the luxury of normalizing homosexuality."

  The daily Duvar wrote that Ms. Derya Yanık was the guest of a regular breakfast meeting that the daily Hürriyet organizes.

  The Associated Press article Read more >> here <<

  The daily Duvar article Read more >> here <<

★ According to the Financial Times, Turkey's opposition working to unseat President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the 2023 elections, is trying to deal with fractures.

  Six of the opposition parties regularly get together. However, since it is considered pro-Kurdish, they exclude the People's Democratic Party, the third-largest opposition party.

  Financial Times pointed out that Meral Akşener, Good Party leader, one of the opposition parties on the center-right, had a confrontation with the People's Democratic Party. Ms. Akşener said she wouldn't sit at a table where the People's Democratic Party representatives were present. The main opposition Republican People's Party suggested earlier that she should.

  Read more >> here <<

★ According to VOA, a group of Iranians living in Istanbul and Turkish citizens gathered Wednesday in front of the Iranian Consulate in Istanbul to protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in Tehran.

  During the demonstration, three women cut their hair in protest.

  Also, jailed Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtaş and a Mayor removed by the Justice and Development Party administration shaved their heads in support of the protests, reports the daily Duvar.

  Turkish police dispersed A Tuesday demonstration in Istanbul's Taksim Square. They also arrested two Iranian women, the daily Duvar wrote.

  Read more >> here <<

★ According to Dorian Jones, the VOA correspondent in Istanbul, tensions between NATO members Turkey and Greece are escalating over territorial disputes.

  Some analysts warn domestic politics are fueling the tensions, with little sign of mediation efforts by Western allies focused on the Ukrainian conflict, Dorian Jones writes.

  Read more >> here <<

★ Russia's planned "referendums" in occupied Ukrainian territories threaten to "deepen instability," the Turkish foreign affairs ministry said in a statement, adding the ballots are "illegitimate" and "will not be recognized by the international community," reports Deutsche Welle.

  The minister added that Turkey supports Ukraine's territorial integrity and urged the two sides to resolve the conflict through peaceful negotiations.

  Also, Turkey this week accepted a group of Ukrainian war prisoners released by Russia as part of a swap. Saudi Arabia and Turkey arranged the deal.

  Ukrainian president Zelensky thanked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his help.

  According to the Anatolia News Agency of Turkey, White House spokesman Karine Jean Pierre also thanked Turkey and Saudi Arabia for facilitating the exchange.

  Read more >> here <<

★ Deutsche Welle reports that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid met on the sidelines of the United Nations General assembly. It was the first face-to-face talk between two countries' leaders since 2008.

  Israeli Prime Minister asked for Turkey's assistance in the return of four of its citizens missing in the Gaza Strip since the war in 2014.

  President Erdoğan's administration maintains close relations with the Hamas administration that rules the Gaza Strip. According to Turkey's Anatolia news agency, in his address to the General Assembly, he said that the conflict could only go away by establishing an "independent, sovereign, and contiguous" Palestinian state based on 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. Israeli ambassador walked out of the hall during Erdoğan's speech.

★ The Committee of Ministers of the European Union called on Turkey to immediately release Osman Kavala, a businessman, and philanthropist, from prison.

  There were many similar calls that the European union bodies and others have been making for many years.

  Analysts say that the Justice and Development Party administration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is keeping Osman Kavala in jail for five years on trumped-up charges. They add that the goal of Mr. Erdoğan is to show others what would happen to them if they become vocal opponents of his regime.

★ The U.S. Embassy and consulates in Turkey announced that U.S. citizens would be able to vote between October 1 and 8 at their facilities in Ankara, Istanbul, and Adana. Read more >> here <<

  Read the European Committee of Minister's decision Read more >> here <<

★ Turkey's culture and tourism ministry reported that the number of foreign visitors arriving in Turkey leaped 58.3% from a year earlier to 6.3 million in August. Read more >> here <<

★ According to Reuters, İşbank and Denizbank, two Turkish financial institutions, suspended using the Mir payment system of Russia. The banks are worried that the U.S. may accuse them of violating sanctions on Russia and cracking down on them. Read more >> here <<

★ According to CNBC, Turkey's central bank reduced the one-week repo rate from 13% to 12%. Economists say the rate cuts are wrong since the official inflation rate is 80%. Independent experts say it is 170%.

  Contrary to the economic theory, Turkey's president Mr. Erdoğan thinks lower interest rates will bring lower inflation.

  After the central bank's announcement, the Turkish currency lira fell to record lows. London-based Capital Economics sees it going down to 24 to a dollar from the current 18 by March 2023.


Edited by Saadet Ejder


★ In its 30th year, Tekfen Philharmonic continues to meet classical music lovers with concerts in Istanbul and Ankara in October, report.

  The famous Hungarian violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos, followed with great admiration worldwide, will also be on the stage. Lakatos draws attention with his versatile musician identity, who skillfully sings the classical music, jazz pieces, and folk songs of his homeland Hungary.

  Rimsky Korsakov's "Flight of the Wasp," "Chiquilín de Bachín" by tango master Astor Piazzola, and "Blonde in Black Shoes" by soundtrack composer Vladimir Cosma are just a few examples of this colorful program.

  Turkish kanun virtuoso Göksel Baktagir will participate in the concert as a guest artist. He and Lakatos will perform improvised music. Lakatos will use the traditional Hungarian instrument cimbalom [tsimbalom okunur].

  The master artist will perform his compositions Rose Waltz, Butterfly, and Migratory Birds from East Wind with improvised performances.

★ Akbank Sanat is hosting the exhibition "The Room with Forty Doors: 40 Years of Contemporary Artists."

  The ground floor of Akbank Sanat welcomes visitors with a visual show. It displays the names of 1,147 people who participated in and contributed to 40 years of exhibitions.

  In the exhibition, the audience can view documents, photographs, and videos of 40 years in digital media.

  Forty screens also display all information and documents of the period.

  Curator Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman said, "Contemporary Artists" exhibition is a room with forty doors. It hides the labyrinths of history. Every door opens to an adventure and a secret."

  The exhibition will be on through November 19.

  Click on the thumbnail to see the photograph on the Borusan pages http://www.borusancontemporary.com/tr/hibrit-mekanlar_2092

★ Borusan Contemporary welcomes the season with two new exhibitions.

  UVA, an artist collective investigating the nature of perception and cognition for nearly 20 years, is in the temporary exhibition area.

  Borusan Contemporary Director Dr. Kumru Eren said, "I think that art lovers will witness how the new media functions as an interface between the positive sciences and the social sciences with the work of UVA."

  The Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, curated by Dr. Necmi Sönmez, features the new selection by Hybrid Spaces. It continues to offer extraordinary visual experiences to the audience. The exhibition puts the "museum space" under a magnifying glass, which "does not exist" and has a hybrid character because it constantly changes.

  The exhibition is at Perili Köşk through August 27, 2023.

★ İş Sanat will open the doors to its audience with a Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra concert, with its conductor Patrick Hahn and pianist Olga Scheps, reports the daily Dünya reporter Farooq soon.

  Zuhal Üreten, General Manager of İş Sanat, said, "As a tradition, I greet you with the happiness of starting our 23rd season together and with good health."

  In addition, "I, Anadolu," engraved in our memories with late Turkish actor Yıldız Kenter's powerful performance, is back on the stage, starring Ayça Bingöl.

  Georgia's renowned Tbilisi Symphony Orchestra, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra conducted by Grammy-winning Estonian conductor Tõnu Kaljuste, and Venice Baroque Orchestra will also take the stage.

  The program includes many more events. It will begin on October 27.
www.TurkRadio.us Click on the thumbnail to see photographs in the original article.

★ In the lower part of a 2700-year-old Urartian period fortress, a harbor with 11 steps emerged after the retreat of Lake Van in the Erciş district of Van province in Eastern Turkey.

  The port is nine feet wide to enable ships easily dock on the sixty feet high bedrock. Ancients designed the harbor so that they could unload heavy loads from the boats with ease, and the boats could float more securely.

  Prof. Dr. Rafet Çavuşoğlu, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, Faculty of Letters, Head of Archaeology Department, said, "We see that the Urartians attach importance to water transportation to carry goods between the fortresses during the long winter months."

  He also stated that it was the first time such a structure surfaced.
www.TurkRadio.us Click on the thumbnail to see the photographs in the original article.

★ On September 22, The Troy Cultural Road Festival showed a 17-minute presentation made with "3D Mapping."

  The Festival was in Turkey's Northwestern province of Çanakkale at the ruins of the ancient city of Troy, within the scope of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Turkish Cultural Road Festivals.

  The presentation told the story of the Trojan War with images and light shows. Within the scope of the event, admission to the Troy Museum was free of charge. See the photographs from the event Read more >> here <<

★ Turkeys Historical Cities Association announced the projects that won awards in the 21st Contest to Encourage Historical and Cultural Heritage Conservation Projects and Practices.

  Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's Roman Theater Restoration and Archeopark Landscaping project won the Dr. Metin Sözen Conservation Grand Prize.

  Living History Hisarİçi Project and Kültepe Kaniş Karum'u Assyrian Merchants Street Project received the special jury award.

  Also, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Osmangazi Municipality were deemed worthy of the Special Jury Award.

  This year, 34 member municipalities from Turkey participated in the competition with 67 projects. The Conservation Encouragement Contest, held since 2001, supports and encourages member municipalities to strengthen the concept of a city with identity, to move the city's memory spaces to the future, restore and re-function the idle structures and transform them into living, lively centers, and public spaces.
www.TurkRadio.us?width=1000&mode=both&scale=both&v=1663501810114 Click on the thumbnail to see the photographs in the original article. http://www.ntv.com.tr/galeri/n-life/gezi/aizanoi-antik-kenti-kazisinda-mermer-gunes-saati-bulundu,MDAdUQEnuEmBbA2IDhKWLg/97juI7Ys3UqnW6zYLvfZig

★ According to the Anatolia News Agency, archaeologists found a marble sundial at the ruins of the ancient city of Aizanoi. Dr. Gökhan Coşkun, the head of the excavations and a professor at Kütahya Dumlupınar University, said that they had been finding many marble pieces for statues in a creek bed since last year. The same place revealed the sundial.

  Dr. Coşkun added that this is the first sundial found. It measures 17.8 inches x 17 inches. He said that in antiquity, ancients put sundials where people congregated, such as in city centers, near places of worship, and shopping districts.

  Click on the thumbnail to see photographs from the excavation in the original article.

★ In excavations carried out at Küllüoba mound in Turkey's Northwestern Eskişehir province, archaeologists found traces of salicylic acid, commonly known as aspirin and modern era.

  The traces came from a 4500-year-old ceramic pot deposited into an offering pit. Archaeologists think that people covered objects with soil right away.

  Dr. Murat Türktek, the head of the excavations and a professor at Bilecik University, said that they are finding evidence that the site traded with the northern Aegean region and as far away as north Syria.

  Excavations also revealed ancient structures dating back 4500 years ago, double-handled drinking cups, stone knives, and objects made from rocks.
www.TurkRadio.us See photos of Elaiussa Sebaste at Dick Osseman's pages http://www.pbase.com/dosseman/image/69277059

★ Archaeologists found a wealth of ceramic containers in the ruins of Elaiussa Sebaste, reports the Anatolia News Agency. There is one problem: most of them have broken into 11,000 pieces.

  However, experts put the pieces together just like a three-dimensional jigsaw. The containers will later be at the local museum in Turkey's southern Mediterranean province of Mersin.

  Elaiussa Sebaste was an ancient Roman town located 34 miles from modern Mersin. Romans constructed the city in the second century BCE on a tiny island attached to the mainland by a narrow isthmus in the Mediterranean Sea.

  The city started losing importance after about a century but survived until the early Byzantine era. Then it was abandoned.

  See photos of Elaiussa Sebaste at Dick Osseman's pages Read more >> here <<

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