Information on the Turkish Radio Hour and its volunteers

We are a group of Turkish and American professionals who are volunteering to share information on and about Turkey, Turks, Turkish art, business and scientific interests.

We do not get paid for our work that we do for the TRH.

We have several products:

  • We produce one radio program in the San Francisco Bay Area:
  • Our volunteers also host another radio program:
  • We have an electronic news service.
Our radio programs cover a population of about seven million. Our news publications on the internet and World Wide Web are read by 600,000 people, including but not limited to executives from the World Bank, Bank of America, NeoMagic, LSI Logic, Exar Corp, City Bank, Visa, MCI, AT&T, American Military, American Navy, European and Israeli companies, METU business school, San Jose State University Business School, Ukrainian Parliamentarians, Voice of America, Cumhuriyet Paper, Wall Street Journal, Turan News Agency of Azerbaijan, and many academicians from Japan to Kuwait.

We do not accept advertisement for our radio programs, but rather we have corporate and commercial underwriting with a brief message about the services of the commercial entity for a modest donation* towards our out-of-pocket expenses. We also accept private donations. Our main underwriter over the years has been the Turkish American Association of California.

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